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Investment Property Portfolio Services in Kennewick, WA

Are the stresses of being a landlord too overwhelming? Are you doing everything you can and still not making the profits you want? Turn to the professionals at Real Property Management Tri-Cities to help make your property investor dreams a reality. Renting out real estate poses many opportunities to reap great profits and improve your branding. It also includes many challenges which require the coordination and combined expertise of a dedicated team. Count on our investment property management services to get the job done for you. We facilitate a complete multi property management suite that extends your bottom line and fosters long-term success. Request a consultation today and learn how we make your investment a viable venture. Our company offers outstanding rates for small portfolios to large portfolios.

Team Member Providing Landlord Services in Kennewick, WA

Adaptive Multi Property Management

Individuals and families alike need a reliable place to stay so that they might contribute to the ongoing success of the community. Fill the vacancies of your properties with our property investors management services. Thanks to our extensive experience and commitment to total client satisfaction, we help foster lasting relationships between landlords and tenants. Let us serve as your intermediary and also let us help you locate tenants who are ready and willing to lease. We turn your multiple holdings into an active portfolio. We implement a fluid and adaptive process to identify, and meet, your goals. Our investment property management services include:

Investment Property Services That Make You More Profitable

Marketing: Make your properties known to the masses. We analyze your property and the surrounding demographic to organize an aggressive marketing campaign. Your property is even advertised on several websites for expanded exposure.

Leasing and Occupancy: Unfamiliar with the particularities of renting and leasing? We have you covered. Our team organizes leasing agreements and tenant screening programs to ensure your occupants, and your facilities, are compatible with one another.

Collections: You expect a return on your investment, and rent serves to fulfill your expectations. Our investment property management team organizes rent and fee collection so your tenants are able to pay for your services in a seamless manner.

Renewals and Increases: Loyal tenants ensure a steady source of revenue. Our team implements programs that encourage lease renewals. We also draft sensible leasing rates according to your property to maximize your profits.

Upkeep and Operating Costs: We deal with the operating costs so you don’t have to. When we manage your investment, we allocate its resources intelligently to ensure your property runs smoothly.

Maintenance: When the lights are on and the water is flowing, tenants are able to live comfortably--as well as hold your branding in high regard. As part of our multi-unit property management solutions, we coordinate with local contractors to facilitate repair, maintenance, and grounds keeping efforts.

Profit and Loss Statements: Get to know everything about your venture in a comprehensive manner. We compile monthly statements that outline your investment’s revenue, expenses, and profits.

Budget Organization: The property that plans ahead is headed for success. Our investment property management company drafts a yearly projection every month that keeps you abreast of your holdings’ upcoming needs. From there, we can coordinate where to place your resources and shore up incoming costs.


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