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Do you own your own rental property but lack the time or know-how to manage it yourself? Whether you’re looking to maximize your rental income or minimize the time spent managing your rental properties, the skilled professionals at our company provide comprehensive property management process in Kennewick, WA, and the surrounding area. If you need to know how property management works, we are happy to explain the benefits.

Benefits of Professional Property Management Solutions

When it comes to managing a rental property, there are many steps involved in order to maximize profit, keep tenants happy, and minimize your expenses. When you leave your property management needs to our company, you no longer need to worry about juggling all the tasks involved with running a rental property from day to day in addition to your hobbies and other jobs. Count on us to handle your property management services, including:

• Marketing
• Property Assessments
• Tenant/Landlord Relations
• Tenant Screening

• Marketing
• Property Assessments
• Tenant/Landlord Relations

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How Our Property Management Process Works

Property Management Process in Kennewick, WA

  • Step One: Arrange a Management Agreement – Our management agreement outlines the services we provide as well as the rates you will pay for these services. Each Property Management Agreement includes a “100% Happiness Guarantee”.
  • Step Two: Property Inspection – In order to maximize your rental income and satisfy your future tenants, our managers will assess your property to determine its move-in readiness. We also determine what your monthly rental income will be.
  • Step Three: Estimates – After inspecting your property, our managers will let you know whether your properties are ready to be rented or how you should improve them. We also refer you to qualified and experienced contractors so you can expedite these improvements.
  • Step Four: Marketing Your Property ­– Our property management company handles every step of the process, including marketing your property. We use multiple advertising sources to reach tenants who are interested in your property.
  • Step Five: Tenant Screening – Finding the right tenants is difficult. Our managers take the time to fully screen prospective tenants using credit checks, landlord references, employment verification, background checks, and income verification.
  • Step Six: Tenant Move-In – After finding the perfect tenants, we connect them with services to make their move-in process easy and efficient. A great move-in sets the tone for your tenants’ experiences.
  • Step Seven: Rent Collection – Collecting rent should be easy for both tenants and property owners. We set up rent collection methods that are consistent and easy to use, including a direct deposit feature so you can see your revenue almost immediately.
  • Step Eight: Satisfy the Tenants – Keeping your tenants happy is vital. Happy tenants are more likely to pay their rent on time and remain throughout their lease. We do everything possible to ensure your tenants are happy living in your properties.
  • Step Nine: Worry-Free Property Management – In addition to marketing, tenant screening, and tenant relations, we handle everything you need to keep your rental income running smoothly. From accounting and bookkeeping to lawn maintenance and 24/7 maintenance staff, we take care of every detail.

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